Flipboard: a New Content Distribution Engine 

Chris Perry, President of Digital at Weber Shandwick, published a post on Forbes this week outlining his thoughts on the new Flipboard, recent developments in the content personalization sphere, and what this all means for brands and content makers.

Flipboard: a New Content Distribution Engine

As the internet gets flooded with more and more content, it’s become a challenge for consumers to discover content that’s relevant to them and for content makers to deliver content to interested users. With its recent update, Flipboard has made significant inroads into solving this problem by implementing a simple interface for users to filter content by subscribing to interest subject areas while also facilitating re-publishing content into “magazines” for themselves and others; it translates word of mouth into a digital setting.


The update to Flipboard 2.0 provides an environment where niche interests can thrive. Whereas niche content gets lost in the noise on other platforms, on Flipboard, it has thrived. From grilled cheese to pre-1998 Porsches, the multitude of user-created magazines covers a wide-ranging array of themes, and people are subscribing to them. As there are currently few brands on the platform, there is an enormous opportunity for savvy brands quick to adopt it to garner readership for their content.


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