Embracing cultures, ever-changing socio-economic and political situations, engaging with people of different backgrounds and needs is what will keep us ahead, and give us the intelligence to provide for our personal and business experience.

Carolyn Devanayagam

Executive Vice President, Head of Corporate, APAC - Singapore

I have given a lot to this job, but it has given to me too... It has expanded my worldview literally and figuratively. And while there is certainly more to life than work — it’s important to invest your time in a company and its people who will reciprocate your investment with kindness and support when it truly matters.

Alia Mohsen

Senior Vice President, Digital Health Boston Lead

Our in-culture community empowers us to connect the dots between work and the things that we care about - be it hobbies, communities, social causes, fandoms and beyond.

Julia Dixon

Senior Cultural Strategist