The Weber Shandwick Collective Named Global Agency of the Year at the 2023 Global SABRE Awards 

A group of 10 employees from The Weber Shandwick Collective stand on the stage at the 2023 PRovoke Global SABRE Awards to accept the award for Global Agency of the Year

The Weber Shandwick Collective was named Global Agency of the Year at the 2023 Global SABRE Awards, the world’s biggest PR awards program recognizing the best work, people, and agencies from across the globe.  


In awarding The Weber Shandwick Collective this esteemed recognition, PRovoke noted the network’s truly full-service offerings, dedication to improving mental health resources internally, and core values that lay the groundwork for equity and belonging. The Collective was also recognized for its development in the AI, analytics, and tech space, as well as the launch of its “Earned Effect” study, displaying how culturally significant storytelling drives sales and profit growth.  


Being named Global Agency of the Year is no small feat. What it says about us is that each of our regions showed up strong, collectively making the case for our exceptional creative product as well as for the extraordinary breadth of advisory expertise we bring to clients – from business transformation to brand marketing to healthcare. This designation is a true testament to the intellect, collaborative power and client-centered commitment of all of our people — the embodiment of what our “collective” has to offer.” – Gail Heimann, CEO of The Weber Shandwick Collective 


Three men hold statues won by The Weber Shandwick Collective at the 2023 Global SABRE Awards


Beyond this incredible honor, PRovoke recognized three of our campaigns in its Top 40 Global SABRE Winners. Ranked in the top 10 was Weber Shandwick’s work with Animal Politico for the Gallery of Lies, as well as its work with Ancestry on “A Dream Delivered: The Lost Letters of Hawkins Wilson.” Gallery of Lies is an AI-focused campaign aimed at exposing fake news ahead of the 2024 presidential elections in Mexico. Ancestry’s film “A Dream Delivered: The Lost Letters of Hawkins Wilson,” brings to light a family reunion over a century in the making. Cappuccino and Weber Shandwick’s work with UNESCO on “The Last Survivors,” a media-driven campaign dedicated to raising awareness and understanding of Holocaust Remembrance Day, ranked in the top 30 campaigns of the year.  


Weber Shandwick was previously named PRovoke’s Global Agency of the Year in 2019 and was honored as PRovoke Agency of the Decade in 2020. 


Weber Shandwick CEO Gail Heimann, Journalist and Author Candace Bushnell and Powell Tate Senior Advisor and CBS News Senior Political Contributor Ashley Etienne are onstage for a panel discussion titled "Pink is the New Black" at the 2023 PRovoke Global Summit in Washington, DC. They are seated in padded chairs in front of a screen displaying a presentation which features a number of prominent female entertainers, politicians and figures from the Summer of 2023.


Outside of the awards program, the PRovoke Global Summit featured two in-depth discussions led by TWSC thought leaders. CEO Gail Heimann spoke to writer Candace Bushnell and Powell Tate senior advisor Ashley Etienne about how Barbie reignited the issue of gender equality. Pam Jenkins, chief public affairs officer, presided over a nuanced conversation on why geopolitics is the CCO’s newest remit featuring Ethan Bauley, head of narrative intelligence and senior principal at C-suite advisory Myriant, and Michael Turner, founder of Turner Global Solutions and former head of comms at the US Embassy in Beijing. 


Weber Shandwick Chief Public Affairs Officer Pam Jenkins, Head of Narrative Intelligence and Senior Principal at C-Suite advisory Myriant Ethan Bauley and founder of Turner Global Solutions and former head of comms at the US Embassy in Beijing Michael Turner are onstage at the PRovoke Global Summit in Washington DC for Weber Shandwick's panel titled "Why Geopolitics Is The CCO’s Newest Remit"