Project: The Last Survivors

A new use for old stories 

The Last Survivors campaign addressed two major concerns: a surge of hate and intolerance and Holocaust Remembrance Day. By uniting past and present survivors and calling on society to adopt their stories, we presented a unique perspective that captured public attention.

01The challenge

While the Holocaust is a central subject of campaigns worldwide, it has not been a topic of much discussion in Brazil due to local, cultural and temporal disconnection. Client UNESCO wanted to change that.

02The solution

Our media aimed to educate and engage simultaneously, using all available spaces to convey our message and call on the audience to join the fight against hate.

Films with a fresh perspective


Each film in the campaign featured a Holocaust survivor sharing a story of hate violence, later revealed to be from individuals in minority groups in Brazil. Unlike the first part of the film implies, these attacks did not occur in Europe during the 1940s, but in Brazil today. We drew lessons from the past to inform current events without making direct comparisons.

03The impact

Unifying the nation against hate

We engaged Brazilian society in the fight against hate, achieving organic results with tangible impact. Coverage included 1.3K+ media including social channels, open TV, newspapers and radio, reaching 200M people (91.9% of the population). The Secretary of Education also expressed a commitment to include the campaign material in public school curriculum.

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