Project: Do you see me?

Building awareness to drive change 

Reports of violence in Brazil were previously ignored. Our goal was to draw attention and incite government action.

01The challenge

According to the National Human Rights Ombudsman, there were 97K reports of violence against the elderly in Brazil in 2022. In the first quarter of 2023, there were more than 47K reports and over 282K violations. We needed to draw attention and drive government action to a subject the prior adminstration had neglected.

02The solution

The campaign aimed to expose a side of aging often overlooked — violence against elderly people in Brazil. Using artificial intelligence, a trending topic, we drew attention to an issue that goes unnoticed: confronting the idealization of old age, showing that it’s not yet a reality for a large part of the population. We tend to romanticize old age, which is sadly not accessible to everyone, blinding us to a reality experienced by millions of elderly people every day.

Three videos, one common goal


The Brazilian Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship supported our campaign in an event at the Congress, where the minister himself presented the campaign film to the whole country. The group also shared the content through their social channels. The campaign was highlighted by the most prestigious TV news in Brazil, SPTV, from Globo, the largest channel in the country, leading to widespread media coverage.

03The impact

Mobilizing society from the top

The ultimate goal of getting influential attention in Brazil was reached when elderly human rights became a top concern of Brazil’s Federal Government with effective actions like establishing specialized staff to support a helpline and more than 10 new actions that started after the campaign.

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