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H&M Foundation

Project: The Billion Dollar Collection

Sustainable fashion innovation 

The innovations required for a sustainable revolution in fashion already exist, but they still need financial backing. These are small, high-tech industrial plants that are innovating sustainable materials and novel manufacturing techniques.​

01The challenge

The fashion industry produces 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, and according to Fashion for Good, fashion now requires an estimated $30B annual investment to meet its 2030 SDG obligations.

02The solution

We created “The Billion Dollar Collection” for nonprofit H&M Foundation, showcasing the work of 10 such startups that, with the right support, stand the best chance of catalyzing change.

A Virtual Clothing Collection


A fashion designer created a virtual clothing range for each startup; Accenture showcased the value potential, and everything was then packaged for in an attention-grabbing “lookbook” (mirroring the sales style used with fashion buyers). The collection came complete with “price tags” for each garment, symbolizing the support the startups needed to be able to scale.

03The impact

Shaping the fashion industry

The campaign’s clever, futuristic approach attracted international acclaim. More importantly, it attracted support: One of the startups was able to close its €4.6M funding round and begin scaling up its technology immediately.​

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