Project: Catch-a-Cat Burglar

Solving a feline felony 

In 2023, the TEMPTATIONS brand – aka America’s favorite cat treat – launched their first-ever main meal offering: TEMPTATIONS Adult Dry Cat Food. But with over 90% saturation in the pet food category, we needed to break into cultural conversation in a way our cat-loving community would notice.

01The challenge

To find a unique way to generate awareness and convince pet parents to try a new food from their favorite treat-maker, we uncovered an interesting insight: one out of every three true crime listeners is a cat owner. So we turned to an unexpected medium – long-form radio – and created a crime to steal their attention.

02The solution

We created “Catch a Cat Burglar” – the first cat true crime podcast hosted by Brit Prawat of Crime Junkie, the #1 most listened to podcast of 2023. The feline story details a fictional heist involving a stolen truckload of Temptations Adult Dry Cat Food, inviting fans to help solve the mystery.

A two-part podcast featuring a furry criminal


“Catch a Cat Burglar” – a two-part podcast hosted by Brit Prawat of Crime Junkie – told the elaborate tale about a “crime of irresistibility,” masterminded by a clawed criminal: A delivery truck carrying a shipment of the new food destined for a store was ambushed and all that remained was one bag of dry cat food covered in claw and bite marks. Listeners (and cat lovers) across the country were invited to join in on the investigation and explore more details about each suspect on our Catch a Cat Burglar online hub. We left clues in social media to try and solve which kitty suspect was guilty of the crime for a chance to win a prize package and cat-themed trip for two.

03The impact

Clawing our way to the top

Catch a Cat Burglar generated nearly 800M earned impressions, 280K landing page views and averaged 8 minutes per landing page visit – far exceeding Forbes industry average of 54 seconds. The launch of TEMPTATIONS Adult Dry Cat Food also set a new record for parent company, Mars, achieving the #1 position in sales for product innovation in the company’s history.

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