Project: Happy Birthday from Earth

A software update that triggered human emotions 

By creating an update that gave Husqvarna’s lawn mowers the ability to sing, we leveraged a real-time event and created a new way of communicating directly with consumers. The activation captured the attention of customers, media and online communities across the globe.

01The challenge

Husqvarna, a premium brand in the lawn mower industry, faced the challenge of low brand awareness. We needed to activate people’s emotions and imagination to set Husqvarna apart from their competitors.

02The solution

We developed a social activation idea using the latest tech and playing on human emotions to create a moving story about loneliness, robots and the 10th anniversary of Mars Curiosity Rover.

Empathy from an unexpected source


We found that NASA engineers programmed Mars Curiosity Rover robot to sing “Happy Birthday” to itself on its first birthday. We used this real-time event by giving our lawnmowers something unique – the ability to sing. By reprogramming the theft alarm in Husqvarna’s lawnmowers to suddenly have a voice, we gave users the chance to participate in a truly global event – a choir of 100,000 robotic lawnmowers.

03The impact

Breaking through with tech’s human side

The campaign was a huge success, surpassing all expectations. It generated 210 million in earned reach across 26 markets, with the launch video alone being viewed over 8.2 million times on digital channels. This resulted in a significant increase in brand exposure of 1100% – and the campaign even trended on Reddit!

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