Kellanova: Pringles

Project: Pringles x The Caviar Co. 'Crisps and Caviar' Collection

Pairing high and low brow, on a platter 

From the world of high fashion to fine dining, luxury brands have been going low, using the style of everyday people to make the ordinary overpriced and out of reach. Pringles – part of the Kellanova brand portfolio – wanted to flip the script.

01The challenge

With growing competition (including the launch of a canned salty snack rivaling the iconic Pringles packaging), Pringles’ challenge was to be at the forefront of trends and deliver meaningful ‘Only Pringles Can Do’ value for fans.

02The solution

The latest snacking craze trending on TikTok was an unexpected high-low pairing that featured Pringles topped with caviar. We wanted to tap into and own the trend in a way that sparked mass conversation and reinforced Pringles’ food and pop culture credibility. We harnessed the trend to create a culinary collaboration expertly pairing three fan-favorite Pringles flavors with two types of high-end caviar – elevating everyday snacking occasions.

From reality television to real breakthrough


Our campaign soft launched at Coachella and made national headlines a week before our product became available, at the apex of excess luxury – via The Real Housewives of New York. Pringles caused unlikely drama on the reality show among the “housewives” over whether Pringles and caviar were a worthy match. One “housewife”, Erin Lichy, loved the collaboration so much, she and her husband posted about the “tasty trend kits” and even engaged with fans about them in the comments.


In parallel timing, we sent the LTO kits to influencers and media, targeting authentic voices, and sustain momentum via gift guide editors ahead of the upcoming holiday coverage. We also leaned into the reality show drama to tout a relevant cultural tie-in and engage the show’s fanbase.

03The impact

From #trendinghack to idea with brand impact

Our cultural hijack campaign generated viral brand love and record-breaking results. Via the “Crisps and Caviar Collection” we secured 2.4B+ impressions – ranging from snack lovers on TikTok to Bravo communities to caviar curious fans everywhere. Fans, communities, retailers and even restaurants lost their minds over the “dream collab.”

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