The Pop-Tarts mascot stands on top of a giant Pop-Tart branded toaster oven with smoke coming out to either side of them and a full stadium of people around them

Kellanova: Pop-Tarts

Project: The Edible Mascot

Crazy Good tackles college football 

Pop-Tarts has a history of putting a Crazy Good spin on classic flavors and the brand wanted to bring that approach to college football in the first-ever Pop-Tarts Bowl.

The winning team dumps Pop-Tarts all over their coach at the 2023 Pop-Tarts Bowl

01The challenge

Pop-Tarts is a beloved brand that consumers see as a breakfast staple. We were tasked to put the brand at the center of a broader snacking conversation.

02The solution

Bringing all the “ingredients” that make the brand iconic into the college football world, we put food and flavor at the center of the entire Pop-Tarts Bowl experience, highlighting the brand’s place at the table well beyond morning hours.

A new game plan for bowl day rituals


For sixty years, Pop-Tarts has sacrificed everything for flavor. So why would our mascot be any different? Knowing mascots are the ultimate symbol of team spirit, we wanted to go above and beyond to wow the crowd, thus the first-ever edible mascot was born… then eaten.

03The impact

The single-biggest Pop-Tarts earned campaign —ever.

Seven times as many people searched for the brand on gameday versus the annual average, driving the brand’s biggest day in nearly a decade. The campaign garnered 4B+ impressions, acquired $1M worth of 1P data and generated 15x more brand mentions than the 10 other non-Kellanova-sponsored bowl games combined. Fans created an overwhelming amount of memes, social responses, videos and GIFs. Our Edible Mascot was at the center of it all, with 80%+ of the game-related coverage, and the NY Times declared that the Pop-Tarts Bowl “won the internet.”

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