Project: Hair Guitar

Shattering expectations, but not a single string 

Seeing the demand for thinning/hair loss products, Nexxus scientists got to work developing the Unbreakable Care Collection, a new line of products proven to deliver stronger, fuller, thicker hair after just one use.

Photo of Meghan Trainor holding up the Nexxus Unbreakable Care bottle on top of the back of her long wavy blonde hair

01The challenge

With the market saturated with other products featuring similar claims and haircare clichés, we needed something truly unique break through.

02The solution

We put the Unbreakable Care Collection to the ultimate test by creating “The Unbreakable Instrument”: A custom-designed guitar made of strings from hair treated with the Unbreakable Hair Collection. In other words, a hair guitar. We partnered with a world-renowned face (and voice), Meghan Trainor — an unbreakable woman who has been open about her hair struggles — to help share our innovation.

Introducing The Unbreakable Instrument


We also partnered with legendary guitar maker, Tomás Delgado, to craft the hair guitar. Throughout production, we created a making-of video showcasing the development of the hair guitar and highlighting the science behind the collection. American singer / songwriter, Meghan Trainor, introduced the collection and “The Unbreakable Instrument” to her followers on social media.


The hair guitar was unveiled to media and influencers at an event in NYC where Meghan shared her frustrations around hair breakage, followed by an intimate acoustic performance… with audiences listening to the soothing sounds of hair NOT breaking.

03The impact

Hitting a high note with the public

With syndication, the campaign drove 4.5B impressions with 132 placements, including Access Hollywood, E! News, Bustle, Allure, Women’s Health and Who What Wear. Eighty-eight percent (88%) of placements mentioned product benefits and 50% of coverage linked directly to a retailer. Meghan Trainor also shared a total of 16 posts across Instagram, Instagram Stories and TikTok, resulting in 46.2M+ impressions/views.

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