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Project: Spellbound by Sweden

More to a place than meets the eye 

In a category defined by sight-seeing and Instagram moments, the Swedish tourism board faced tough competition from more spectacular destinations. To attract today’s travelers, we needed to “out drama” the competition by redefining what it means to experience a place.

01The challenge

Despite an increase in nature-related tourism, Sweden’s tourism board struggled to attract international tourists to the countryside. We needed to make Sweden’s nature interesting and famous among international travelers.

02The solution

We turned to some of today’s biggest cultural trends – mysticism, fantasy and the supernatural – and created a haunting audio-experience based on Swedish folklore … luring visitors into an eerie journey geo-locked to Sweden.

An audio invitation from the supernatural


Spellbound is the world’s first travel experience that attracts tourists by scaring them off, using audio to unlock new dimensions of traveling. Co-created with iconic horror-writer John Ajvide Lindqvist, the audio delves travelers into local myths that make Sweden special – reclaiming some of the mythical creatures made famous by the entertainment industry.

03The impact

Turning category norms upside down

Spellbound put stories old as time at the center of the zeitgeist. By earning a space in culture, Sweden’s nature showed up in more contexts than destinations usually do – breaking into lifestyle, entertainment, news media and beyond. The simple but unexpected tech-solution got some of the world’s biggest outlets to amplify our message – even sending reporters to Sweden for a first-hand experience.

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