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Made to Save

Project: Improving access to COVID-19 vaccines for communities of color

Improving COVID-19 vaccine access 

Made to Save (MTS) required a communications strategy and support to disseminate vaccine related messaging through national, state and local partners – and help position MTS as an authority in vaccine equity and grassroots delivery.

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01The challenge

Communities of color experience more profound impacts from COVID-19 – not only higher prevalence and mortality rates, but also loss of employment, income and housing.

02The solution

We developed messaging frameworks, storytelling protocols and media strategy for MTS to reach populations most at risk, increase their confidence in vaccines and motivate vaccination.

Increasing vaccine confidence and access


We developed core messaging and unique message maps for the public and partners on how to engage as advocates of MTS – to build confidence in vaccines among audiences of color and empower them to get vaccinated. We also provided media support for MTS activations, such as a national bus tour in partnership with the HHS We Can Do This campaign to improve access.

03The impact

Impacting the vaccine equity gap

Our support helped MTS navigate a complex media/grassroots environment and enabled the organization’s efforts in partnering with 600+ organizations who share MTS resources and host events, reaching tens of millions with vaccine related communications. MTS instigated more than 3 million one-on-one vaccine conversations and trained thousands of people to make an impact on the vaccine equity gap.

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