Image shows two photos of the exterior of an Elf House listing on Zillow

Icelandic Provisions

Project: Elf House on Zillow

Unveiling the first-ever elf house 

Skyr is a type of yogurt that’s sustained Icelanders for 1,000+ years. But Americans were largely unfamiliar with it.

Image is a closeup of the decorated kitchen of the elf house, with a ladder going up to the right.

01The challenge

Icelandic Provisions entered the scene in 2016. With the yogurt category dominated by big, established players, the brand wanted to drive increased awareness in the United States with more people both knowing and caring not only about Icelandic Provisions, but also Skyr.

02The solution

Targeting millennials affected by an unaffordable American housing market, we engaged them by listing an affordable elf house on Zillow to capitalize on current media trends and enhance Icelandic Provisions’ visibility and reputation.

Delivering spoonfuls of Icelandic-style optimism


Skyr brand, Icelandic Provisions, tapped into part of the Icelandic culture that Americans are familiar with: Elves and their tiny homes which dot the Icelandic countryside. We listed the first-ever elf house on the real estate platform Zillow – one home everyone could actually afford. Prospective (human) buyers could place imaginary bids for the chance to take home the … home, along with $10K towards the downpayment on a life-size house and a fridge full of Icelandic Provisions Skyr.

03The impact

Driving awareness with a side of humor

Paired with paid amplification through the Zillow platform, we stopped people in their tracks with our unique listing. Americans jumped on the opportunity to call themselves the homeowner of the elf house with 72K visits to our Zillow listing and more than 11K putting in offers. Icelandic Provisions saw a 58% increase in share of voice in the crowded yogurt space.

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