Aerial shot of a lawn with imaginary dashed line between the Husqvarna robotic lawnmower and the area of the yard the owner is deciding to keep wild


Project: Rewilding Mode

Saving pollinators, one lawn at a time 

To address the ever-reducing number of pollinators around the world, we worked with the engineers at Husqvarna to create “Rewilding Mode” – a software update allowing Husqvarna’s fleet of 150,000 robotic lawnmowers to calculate the size of a user’s lawn and leave 10% of it uncut for flowers and plants to grow freely and create a sanctuary for pollinators with the push of a button.

Image of smartphone with the map of the lawn showing full area and the area marked off to remain wild.

01The challenge

Ever-reducing numbers of pollinators is a global problem that requires a local solution. Husqvarna recognized that it had a role to play when it comes to biodiversity but was struggling to find the right approach. A survey among garden owners showed that they felt biodiversity was important but found achieving it in their gardens a challenge. Our aim was to help people understand that lawns, although part of this problem, could also provide a solution.

02The solution

With the help of Husqvarna’s entire fleet of 150,000 robotic lawnmowers, the idea was as simple as it was ambitious – creating the largest nature reserve in Europe, one lawn at a time. We called it ‘Rewilding Mode.’

Creating a pollinator sanctuary


With the engineers at Husqvarna, we created a cutting edge software update – a unique innovation that automatically calculates the size of your lawn and leaves 10% of it uncut where flowers and plants can grow freely, creating a sanctuary for pollinators. ‘Rewilding Mode’ was launched and sent to all users across Europe. Once installed, the user could create their very own pollinator sanctuary, all with the push of a button. If all gardens in Europe joined in, we would create a sanctuary four times the size of Europe’s largest nature reserve.


With garden expert, Tom Massey, we also created a guide for everyone – even those without a robot, to rewild their garden.

03The impact

Winning the backyard fight

The media outreach sparked massive discussion about the value of rewilding just 10% of your lawn. Featured in over 200 major outlets, including Fast Company and Forbes, ‘Rewilding Mode’ has reached 312M+ people across 20 countries.


8.5 million customers engaged and over 3M viewed our YouTube film revealing what can be achieved by simply saving 10% of your lawn.

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