Project: DOOM

Turning lawn mowers into gaming consoles 

For Husqvarna, the world leader in robotic lawn mowing, the road to recruit software engineers is greater than ever. But how does a company that makes gardening equipment attract the best tech talent to come work in a small town in Sweden? By tapping into software engineers’ love for gaming.

01The challenge

We needed to attract tech talent, showing them that Husqvarna is an innovative company that stands out from the competition – while building fame for the brand and product knowledge.

02The solution

To showcase Husqvarna’s innovative spirit, we turned robotic lawn mowers into gaming consoles. We released the legendary game DOOM onto mowers in time for its 30th anniversary, creating one hell of an update. The DOOM Mowers were revealed at the world’s biggest gaming event, DreamHack, a festival filled to the brim with young tech talent and engineers.

Attracting tech talent in an unconventional manner


Many people don’t know about Husqvarna or how to even pronounce it. And robotic lawnmowers are an unheard-of-concept for many. We needed a solution where the product and the brand became visible through earned media.


The idea comes from the phenomenon of installing DOOM on different devices, which has been a test of skills for engineers for years. A fun thing people online like to do, but that never really has been pushed to the max. That’s what we set out to do – not just install it, but actually release it as a free update worldwide. And for the first time ever, make multiplayer playable on a non-gaming device.

03The impact

A win on all fronts

Featured in over 1K major outlets including Wired and IGN, the campaign touched gamers and non-gamers worldwide – with a total organic reach of over 3.8B people across 135 countries.


With a PR value of $105M, the campaign paid itself back over 10K times the investment. The product-heavy trailer was shared in most articles, leading to an increase in brand awareness by a whopping 815%. And more than 74% of young engineers want to work at Husqvarna.

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