Project: Exhibit Zero

GM, a legacy auto brand known for its big trucks and American roots, appeared at CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) with one major goal: Reposition the company as a modern tech leader.

01The challenge

Americans have been conditioned to be skeptical of climate change and buying electric vehicles. A lack of commitment by industry and infrastructure has further cemented the idea that EVs are luxury vehicles.

02The solution

The auto industry was at an inflection point — a shift from reliance on gas and diesel fuel to electric power. GM unveiled Exhibit Zero at CES with a goal of zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.

We shined a spotlight on the Ultium battery platform, GM’s revolutionary battery technology designed to power a wide variety of its new electric vehicles. With this foundation, we were ready to take our message beyond the conference and to the masses, with the overarching marching campaign of “Everybody In.”

03The impact

Reaching an all-time high

According to Yahoo Finance, the GM stock price reached an all-time high after CES, increasing 17%. GM’s market cap also increased by $12 billion, as noted by CNBC. saw its daily average visits increase by 57%, while had 140K visits throughout the conference. GM’s electrification visibility across social increased by 220%, while positive social mentions increased by 43%.


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