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Direct Line

Project: Brushalyser

Rise and brush responsibly 

Direct Line has a mission to keep the nation’s roads safe. Drink driving convictions are at their highest rate since 2009, UK police forces are reporting an 8% increase in motorists failing breathalyser tests in the morning hours and 25% of British adults have admitted to driving the morning after a night out, despite feeling under the influence of alcohol. It became clear something needed to be done to get people to check themselves ‘the morning after the night before.’

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01The challenge

It’s easier to know if you’re over the limit the same night you’ve been drinking, but it can be much harder to know if you’re still over the limit the next morning. Direct Line wanted to help change that.

02The solution

We created the world’s first breathalyser toothbrush, a game-changing new concept designed to freshen up the drink driving conversation and make people think twice before driving the morning after a night out.

Giving new meaning to the most established morning routine

The toothbrush has a built-in breathalyser, which you breathe into before brushing your teeth. In just a few seconds, you’ll know if your blood alcohol levels are too high to drive, stopping you from getting behind the wheel.


With Christmas being one of the biggest spikes in the year for drink driving convictions, the Brushalyser was unveiled in October, giving the campaign time to change behavior ahead of the busy festive season.

03The impact

Changing attitudes and behaviors

The work got the nation talking, with 231 pieces of coverage, 113M potential reach and 25 pieces of broadcast coverage with Direct Line mentioned in 99.5% of the coverage. Fifty-seven percent (57%) of 18–34-year-old men said they would reconsider driving the morning after consuming alcohol, 54% would talk to others about checking themselves the morning after and a third would now make alternative plans ahead of time to avoid driving the morning after.

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