5 gum

Project: Masterpieces: Chewed Up & Blinged Out

One man’s chewed gum becomes treasure 

The thrill, the moment, a piece of history, chewed on Yungblud’s American AF tour. Meticulously crafted by Greg Yüna, presented by 5 gum and ready for you to wear. This is the masterpiece behind the masterpiece.

01The challenge

The challenge was simple but ambitious – to accelerate 5 gum’s post-COVID recovery by making it the most adventurous, rebellious and distinctive gum brand for life’s most thrilling moments.

02The solution

To get on Gen Z’s radar, we focused on their most ardent fascination: collector culture. The popularity of special releases and limited runs have proven not all succeed. So we gave them a chance at a 1 of 15 piece of history.

Turning thrilling moments into mementos


First, we reached out to rebel-rocker YUNGBLUD, with an odd request: Chew a piece of 5 gum before 15 of your adrenaline-filled shows. Then give those pieces back to us. We then turned to celeb-jeweler/influencer Greg Yüna, with an equally peculiar ask: Turn the resulting 15 pieces of chewed gum into lucite-encased collectibles, freezing those moments in time forever.

03The impact

Hitting a high note with fans

What started as an idea quickly blossomed into a full tour sponsorship that extended into a 360 campaign, activation and brand experience. The campaign drove international attention with 1,000+ fans from 11 countries bidding on the Collection. Generating 5.5 billion earned impressions, the campaign included coverage from Rolling Stone, Billboard, PEOPLE, Parade, E! Online, Adweek, NME and more.

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