Project: Chevy Hollywood Walk of Fame

Chevy Hollywood Walk of Fame 

With its 85th anniversary approaching and a redesigned model set to be revealed, we needed to find a way to create buzz around the Chevrolet Suburban while highlighting its rich brand history.

01The challenge

The Suburban has been around for 85 years but was only widely known for hauling people and cargo. We needed to shift perceptions and raise awareness of the Suburban in pop culture and Hollywood.

02The solution

The Suburban has been acting in Hollywood for the past 67 years, appearing in thousands of films and TV shows. To highlight this impressive resume, we petitioned the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce and made the case for the Suburban to be awarded its own Award of Excellence star.

Earning a Hollywood star


The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce agreed, making the Suburban the first inanimate object to receive a star. We held a formal ceremony at the Dolby Theatre on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where the Suburban was presented its star. The event even included an honorary guest speaker, Dennis McCarthy, who has almost 20 years of experience building and casting cars in Hollywood films.

03The impact

A global superstar

The Chevrolet Suburban Award of Excellence star generated 275 stories, reaching 2.4B unique monthly viewers with 19.5M social media impressions. The event received 25x the amount of coverage typically generated from Award of Excellence ceremonies. News reached a wide audience through national media outlets and was syndicated globally in Australia, Canada, the Dominican Republic, Germany and more.

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