The Social CEO: Executives Tell All 

In a newly released study, Weber Shandwick found that a majority of executives want their CEOs to be utilizing social media. The reasons for this are myriad, but centered around three main themes: communication, reputation, and business results.

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Weber Shandwick worked with its partner KRC Research to survey 630 senior professionals from around the world. 76% of executives think it is a good idea for CEOs to be social. Social media use on the part of CEOs is essential because it allows them to narrate their company news. Whether it’s on the company website, blog, or on their own personal social media channels, the very act of telling the story empowers them to exert a high degree of influence over the discussion surrounding their company, both internally and externally, as well as engage with employees and the general public.


The study also contains a guide to the key qualities of highly active CEO social media users in a section called Seven Habits of Highly Social CEOs.


Read the full study here: The Social CEO: Executives Tell All


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