The Rising CCO V: Chief Communications Officers’ Perspectives on a Changing Media Environment 

Weber Shandwick and Spencer Stuart partnered to release The Rising CCO V. This survey, now in its fifth year, explores how chief communications officers (CCOs) from North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America expect their responsibilities to evolve over time in an increasingly digitalized and media-fragmented world.

The Rising CCO V: Chief Communications Officers’ Perspectives on a Changing Media Environment

Our Rising CCO research reveals that CCOs are increasingly adding digital and social media into their department oversight and responsibilities, as well as hiring more digital and social media experts. In fact, social media is expected to have the single greatest impact on the CCO’s job over the next few years, with 91 percent of CCOs reporting that they expect social media to increase in importance more than other communication tools. The research also finds that CEOs use traditional and social media for different purposes and see effectiveness in integrating both for some communications activities. The opportunity is for CCOs to strategically understand when to use each.


View our findings and infographic below.