The Great American Search for Healthcare Information 

Weber Shandwick, in partnership with KRC Research, released The Great American Search for Healthcare Information, a survey of 1,700 American adults. The research focuses on Healthcare Information Seekers, or those who look for health-related information at least once a year.

The Great American Search for Healthcare Information

The research finds that most Healthcare Information Seekers are concerned about incorrect or misleading medical information on social media, and few have found health information on social media to be accurate. These findings are consistent across generations. Additional insights uncovered by the research include:


  1. Illness and medication lead the need for information
  2. The availability of healthcare information in general provides many benefits, but there are doubts about credibility
  3. Generations have similar usage of digital health products
  4. Medical professionals — not necessarily doctors — provide the most satisfactory information
  5. Physicians may have a Millennial trust problem


The Great American Search for Healthcare Information provides a guide to engaging Americans with credible healthcare information. Click here for the full report and view the deck below. Click here to read a press release on the study.