The CEO Reputation Premium: A New Era of Engagement 

Weber Shandwick, in partnership with KRC Research, released The CEO Reputation Premium: Gaining Advantage in the Engagement Era. This survey of more than 1,700 executives worldwide explores the realm of CEO reputation to better understand what is required of leaders today. In an increasingly connected and transparent world, keeping a low profile is no longer an option for business leaders.

The CEO Reputation Premium: A New Era of Engagement

CEOs have entered a golden age of opportunity in which to tell their company story and join the conversation. This new era is marked by the recognition that CEO engagement is particularly critical to corporate reputation and is facilitated by high demand for content to help grow the business. Today’s CEOs are expected to be seen and heard and to be on the scene internally, externally and virtually. The same goes for top executives in the organization.


Our research finds that 81% of global executives believe external CEO engagement is now a mandate for building company reputation. Executives understand the benefits that come along with a strong CEO reputation and believe that their own CEO’s reputation contributes to nearly half of both their company’s reputation (45%) and market value (44%). CEO reputation is at a premium today and will only increase in value; half of executives expect that CEO reputation will matter even more to corporate reputation in the next few years.


The CEO Reputation Premium examines the best engagement practices of the most highly regarded CEOs and shares our learning in The CEO’s Guide to Reputation and Engagement to building executive equity and visibility. These “best practice” lessons help organizations reap the reputational benefits that come with effectively engaging stakeholders.


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