Rebalancing in the Age of Disequilibrium 

In today’s rush of technology and the rapid pace of change, business leaders and their companies are faced with being caught off balance. They work in a state of disequilibrium, where the ground shifts continually and keeping up with new disruptors and disruptions means having to solve problems and rebalance risk with reward in ways never before imagined.

Rebalancing in the Age of Disequilibrium

To understand the challenges and opportunities of doing business in disruptive times, Weber Shandwick partnered with KRC Research to conduct 23 in-depth qualitative interviews among C-level and other top executives. These executives worked in multinational, established corporations, as well as cutting-edge startups known as “disruptors.” Interviewees had multinational experience across North America, Central and Latin America (LatAm), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and South and Southeast Asia (APAC). They also had experience across a variety of business sectors including aviation, financial services, food and agriculture, healthcare and pharma, manufacturing, retail, technology, hospital, education and media.


The research revealed 10 common challenges faced by business executives operating in an age of disequilibrium and provides several solutions for finding one’s balance. To view our findings, click here.