Digital Health: Building Social Confidence in Pharma 

It is commonly thought that the pharmaceutical industry isn’t fully utilizing social media due to regulatory restrictions. However, a recent study from Weber Shandwick, Digital Health: Building Social Confidence in Pharma, found that this is not necessarily so.

Digital Health: Building Social Confidence in Pharma

For the pharmaceutical industry, regulation remains critical but it is starting to take a backseat to rising internal obstacles. Weber Shandwick’s research among senior in-house pharmaceutical executives responsible for making social media decisions found that internal barriers have to be overcome to fully engage on the social media front – socializing the strategy internally, instilling confidence in the team to engage socially and aligning the right resources. In a world where consumers increasingly utilize the web for information discovery, failure to address these issues could prove detrimental in the long-run.


“Today, the biggest barrier for authentic pharma engagement in social media rests in the need for better internal alignment and understanding of the medium. We need to build social confidence within pharma,” says Stacey Bernstein, Director of Weber Shandwick’s US Digital Health Practice. To help companies begin acclimating to a social media environment, the study offers a guide called 10 Rules of Engagement: Building Social Confidence in Pharma.


Read the full study here: Digital Health: Building Social Confidence in Pharma