Connecting The Trends: New Humanity 

Connecting The Trends: New Humanity is a report by Weber Shandwick APAC which identifies key trends that have emerged in the past 12 months, and are having an impact on global communications. It outlines the core development driving it all – a rising need for tangible, human-centric experiences.

Connecting The Trends: New Humanity

Connecting The Trends: New Humanity identifies 24 key trends previously shared in our APAC team’s monthly Trends in Two Minutes newsletter and combines the existing research with new findings and insights from a global panel of Weber Shandwick experts.


Three mega-trends are recognised in the report which points to a global phenomenon motivating each development; a widespread need for a new human-led reality.

1. Digital Gets Physical
Attitudes to technology are shifting. With widespread uncertainty regarding social media, a resurgent trust in traditional print media, a global decline in smartphone sales and a rising belief that companies are prioritizing online automation over customer experience, people throughout the world are rethinking their relationship with technology and seeking more human-led designs.


2. Increasing Inclusivity
Diversity is no longer a luxury but a necessity. In 2019, the two most populous generations in the world will be Generation Z and Millennials – and the latter is expected to be the most economically powerful generation for the next fifteen years. With both generations prioritizing diverse representation in their lives, workplaces, media and governance, there is a profound growth in new audience opportunities.


3. The New Health Perspective
We have never been more invested in our own well-being. With resultant shifts in expectations around workplace design, technology and dietary choices, it’s a development with impacts stretching far beyond the already-booming healthcare sector. In 2019, even seemingly frivolous decisions are partially assessed through the context of health and well-being.



Drawing on a global panel of Weber Shandwick experts, this report provides extensive analysis and advice for brands and professionals on how best to navigate and leverage these trends – and how to deliver New Humanity.


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