Washington, D.C.

Located just blocks from the White House, our DC office consists of a team of 200+ communications professionals with expertise across sectors and issue areas. Working at the intersections of business, public policy, and social issues, we help our clients lead, navigate and engage with their most critical audiences and stakeholders.


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Washington, D.C.

733 Tenth St., NW,

Washington, DC




Paul Massey

President, Powell Tate and Global Lead, Social Impact


Washington, D.C. specialities

Public affairs

Our DC team includes issue experts who have worked at the highest levels of government and politics. Working with award-winning media strategists, data analysts, and creative minds, we help clients manage reputations, build grassroots advocacy campaigns, impact policy debates, develop crisis plans and create content that reaches stakeholders and maximizes impact.


Our public health experts work with state, federal, and global health agencies to support initiatives that shape attitudes and motivate actions that improve health. We partner with healthcare companies, advocacy groups, and nonprofits to elevate critical healthcare conversations and mobilize audiences when it matters most.

Social Impact & Sustainability

Our social impact and sustainability specialists help clients transform and lead with brave, data-informed, creative solutions. We create integrated campaigns for urgent social and environmental challenges. Our team of strategists have deep cross-sector expertise in climate policy, sustainability, ESG, global development, and health issues.

Geopolitical Strategy & Risk

Our team of geopolitics and foreign policy experts counsel clients to protect and elevate their reputation and influence, mitigate risk and capitalize on leadership opportunities in the 21st-century geopolitical arena.


With a strong understanding of the influences and interactions that shape the decisions of legislative and Administration officials, our team advises clients on how to strategically position themselves ahead of government procurements - activating campaigns to reach and engage key decision-makers.