Leading through purpose-driven work

Crisis, reputation & leadership

From sustainability, social impact & ESG to public affairs, executive leadership, crisis & risk management and capital markets communications. We lead with purpose.

Today, business leaders must speak out. And an organization’s purpose, values and culture are more critical to reputation and stakeholder value than ever before.


We challenge clients to not only meet this moment – but to lead in it. Balancing hard data with human insight to build and protect brands, we guide C-suite leaders in creating advocacy platforms that transform culture and influence social progress. We help organizations plan against potential threats, mitigating risk and equipping internal stakeholders with appropriate skills, resources and values. And we decode disruptive forces to help the C-suite unlock opportunities that drive reputation, resilience and relevance.

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Sustainability, social impact and ESG consulting

Executive leadership

Public affairs

Crisis & reputation defense

Geopolitical risk & strategy

Capital markets communications

Managing risk & reputation in an election year

By the end of 2024, more than half the world's population will have lived through a major election. The results of these elections will significantly impact the geopolitical, economic and social landscapes for years to come.

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